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Our Services


We listen to each and every platform where our clients or their competitors are. Tracking conversations in the industry to identify trends, opportunities, concerns, competitor activity, across platforms using several tools to crawl millions of mainstream news forums, blogs, complaint sites, social media and supplement it with human scanning to arrive at our observations, agreeing with the current or modify/alter the existing strategy. 

All tied together

Media Planning

We believe in programmatic buying, but keep monitoring the performance, using razor sharp targeting across platforms and efficient planning to achieve maximum ROI, consistently optimising campaigns basis performance to ensure proper allocation of funds for the campaign to arrive at or better the spend objective.


We also do specific strategic tie-ups with publishers who have the access to the right TG for the campaigns. Since we are OmniChannel we are capable of releasing a campaign on one/or more media channel but monitoring it on all others that it may affect



Content Writing

​Right content on the website helps the SEO. Our team will write the tailor fit content to help the website in SEO Ranking. Along with the right content the SEO team will work closely with the website development team to fine tune the website. SEO team will also work on the offsite SEO activities like creating backlinks etc.

Website and 

Mobile App Development

We are a high-tech web  design & development firm. If you are looking for a sleek website done for your business, at a reasonable cost we shall be happy to help you out. Our Team members have designed some of the most renowned eCommerce portals in India - been at it since 2011


Members in our team have been developing mobile apps since 2011. They are today an eclectic mix of designers, native platform developers, UI/UX visualisers, all cued to deliver easy and attractive to use, be it native, hybrid, or web-based mobile apps. Consequently we deliver mobile apps for the Android, iOS, as well as Windows platforms and as a team have designed apps for online trading, m-commerce, gaming as well as service apps for India & other markets




Measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of data for the purpose of optimising digital presence, campaign and usage. Collection of data, Processing into information (specifically metrics) Hitting KPI, Enhancing online strategy. Our team is geared to handle this and when required shall provide the same on a periodic basis.

Our claim to fame has been our ability to integrate digital and social media channels/platforms with Enterprise Backends.. Displaying an advertisement in Facebook to showing a price basis IP address, checking stock & having it delivered to the customer, complete with banking gateway integrations.





Every time you have new campaign, a CSR activity or an announcement our Online PR team will make sure that the word would resonate through the digital media


By using the right mix of Online News Aggregators, Industry specific bloggers, Twitter trends etc. they will make the campaign/CSR activity standout from the digital noise





Development of the website with adequate content is not enough. It requires to be assisted with discovery as well

Our team will assist you by ensuring that your monies are spent in the best possible manner in promotion of your websites/digital properties by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) primarily through paid advertising

Combining SEM & SEO we expect to deliver higher ranking in search engine results pages to enhance pay per click (PPC) listings






The eyes and ears of the brand, this team will use state of the art tools which will help them scan digital media for relevant conversations around the brand & enhance the www experience

Periodically report the insights of the industry, analyse of the sentiment, reach and social media engagement of both brand and its competition

This will allow response management and intervene conversations complementing the www experience

Team will pickup and report any issue reported in the digital sphere to the management for prompt action hence will assist in maintaining the brand’s reputation  as a chargeable service



on WWW


In the digital age, it does not matter whether it is a small business, or a multinational. Blogging is integral to today’s online content marketing strategy. Some quick reasons on the importance of blogs

Drive traffic to your website by having relevant content, allowing others to participate (monitored)

Increase your SEO/ SERP

Position your brand as an industry leader

Develop better customer relationships




The digital sphere has its own share of heroes (important people) whose actions, recommendations lead their followers to visit specific sites

We identify these important people basis their scores (KLOUT for example) within related communities. 

They may be bloggers, film stars, sportspersons, basically same as endorsement marketing of the traditional space.

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