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We are the ONE STOP SHOP for ALL your Communication Needs.

Omni-Channel Cross Platform integrating the Brick and Mortar World with the Digital.

STRATEGY is always our CORE Strength

However, our biggest advantage is that while half our team members are digital natives, the other half are thoroughbred advertising & consumer research professionals, each having their skin in the game for more than a score of years & have in-depth understanding of all kinds of platforms including Media Dark and this knowledge is what makes us Stand Out from the rest.  

So we can talk about a Facebook campaign which has its end point in a Rickshaw Caravan! Or talk about a Rural CSR the effects of which may explode on an Instagram!


So, that's US in a Nutshell

Our team is made up of people who used to develop, implement & sell ERP, CRM, HRM software packages.

In 1999 we graduated to making Platform Independent Web Based Applications, Accounting & Payroll, both of which had data security at its core along with high end integration with other Enterprise platforms, like a Bank. Today they call them Cloud Based Secure Applications!

In Year 2000 we progressed to design search algorithms so that the work done for our clients' gets found faster on the Search Engine (now called SEO).

SEM was a natural progression & the whole big bad world of media planning followed.

In 20010 we moved to API based Listening & Responding (now called ORM) 

Re-marketing Analytics & Reporting followed

In 2012 we started Integrating with Social & Mobile Platforms, developing things like Twitter Banking, AI & ML happened then!

Mobile Apps happened a little earlier and we delivered in Native Code.

Our Journey

Who are we?

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